About Us

So who is Nikki?

I'm a wife, mom of three wild and rambunctious kiddos, and entrepreneur. When I'm not refereeing altercations between my children or directing traffic (sending each one to their respective rooms), you might find me somewhere snuggled with my laptop or a book. 

What's my specialty?

I help WomanPreneurs,  both aspiring & existing with developing and operating a fully functional business online. Showing Moms, especially, how to build their business without sacrificing their duties as a Mom. 

As a Mom, I understand the challenges involved with trying to raise a family, while growing your business. I offer MomPreneurs support by equipping them with the necessary tools and education to make things run smoothly. 

Why choose Nikki?

I'm no ordinary coach. I'm a certified coach with a wealth of experience in sales, leadership, development of strategic growth plans, and mindset transformations


My story

I grew tired of being tired, became my own hero and the rest is history.

If you are anything like me, you are always interested in learning about how entrepreneurs got their start, struggles and obstacles endured and how they overcame them. 

While my story has lots of intricate pieces, the main thing you should know about me is my desire to become an entrepreneur came from being tired.

I had just lost my job as a Program Director for a Mental Health Agency. The agency downsized and my position didn’t make the cut. Not even two weeks later, my husband’s job completely shut down, leaving him unemployed as well. 

We had two children at the time and not a clue of how we were going to make it. 

I found myself struggling to find employment. I was baffled. I couldn’t understand it. I felt like I had done everything right. I went to school, graduated from college, went back to earn my Master’s degree, and had years of experience within my field of mental health and social services. My resume was packed with leadership and management experience but I continued to hear the same old song everytime, I applied for a JOB. Companies would either tell me, “You’re overqualified for this position” or “ We can’t afford to pay you the same salary from your previous employer.”  


I can’t begin to tell you  how devastated I was each and every time I’d hear those words. 

After several disappointing months of being unemployed, I woke up one morning determined that I wasn’t going to bed that evening with the same feelings of fear, defeat, embarrassment, shame, and disgust that I had awaken with.

I created a game plan to transform my mindset. 

I swapped out my sad, depressing music for inspirational and uplifting music. I stopped looking at what my family I had lost and started being appreciative for the things we still had.

I found myself in a much happier place after adopting a more positive perspective.

I had gone from sulking and having daily pitty parties to believing that I could have anything my heart desired, if I worked hard enough for it. 

So what happened next?

I’ve always been an avid reader. With my newly found positive mindset, I had begun to visit the local public library in hopes of gaining insight on what my next career choice should be. My husband and I had discussed, an old desire of mine to obtain my Ph. D. 

Would you believe I applied and was accepted into an Organizational Psychology Doctoral Program. I was so happy. I felt like my dream life was literally beginning to fall into place. Pursuing this degree was going to cost my family and I approximately $110,000 but we felt it'd be worth it. I’ll be honest, the cost was mind blowing but my husband and I felt in the long run, it’d be worth it. 

That was until, I ran across John Maxwell’s “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.” 

This one book changed my life. 

You see during the time I was unemployed I had taken several career assessments. Each of them continued to point in the same direction. I didn’t want to face it but I had too. 

I’m a natural helper. 

Teaching, motivating and encouraging others to go for their goals, providing support and accountability, and creating growth plans is what I’ve been groomed to do. You see I’m pretty well rounded and well versed. 

When did I have my ah’ha moment?

My ah’ha moment came while reading, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.” 

While reading this book, I had quite a few realizations. I realized that I had grown tired

Tired of being let go.

Tired of the lack of job stability.

Tired of working under poor leadership.

Tired of feeling as if I was neglecting my family to care for others.

Tired of not being able to live freely. I was always worried about “work.”

Tired of not having freedom to live my life the way I had envisioned it.


Tired of feeling like I was forcing myself into people’s lives (remember I was a CPS social worker).

Tired of wanting it more than my clients.

Tired of people (my clients-majority were court appointed) not loving me. I mean everyone should want to love me. I mean….I pretty darn cool. 


Tired of feeling like there is “something else out there for me” but not knowing how to tap into it. 

Tired of not working to my fullest potential.

Tired of watching others grow and feeling as if I would be forever stuck and stagnant. 

Tired of feeling like a failure. 

Tired of living from check to check.

Tired of not having things.

Simply put…..I was tired of the life I had been living. I decided if I was to ever to be truly happy within my career, I’d have to create my own thing. 

I empowered myself. I kicked myself in the butt. I removed excuses from my thought process. I adopted a new mindset and perspective. 

Instead of pursuing my doctorate degree, I opted to save my family from extensive debt. In 2015, I became a certified speaker, coach, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

Fast forward  to today…..

I’m the go to startup coach for Mompreneurs seeking to build their empire without neglecting their duties as a Mom. I teach Moms and busy career women how to strategically plan their life and successfully launch, maintain and grow their business. 

My signature course was born from the struggles I endured all while balancing life, work, and motherhood. 

The Ambitious Mom Academy is place where Mom’s go to build their empire. They receive structure and guidance for twelve weeks within a private group setting. They are challenged and stretched but not broken.

My mission is to help moms and busy career women like myself with setting and exceeding their goal of running a fully functional online business. 

Schedule a session with me and let’s see if we are a good fit for one another. I’m changing the world.....one mom at a time. 


As a mom of three children, I’ll be the first to say to say “Momming” isn’t always easy. Throw in creating and launching a business and you get to see what you are really made of.

Just like motherhood, entrepreneurship is no easy feat. It takes work and requires a commitment. It’s challenging and sometimes demanding. I believe the journey of entrepreneurship is also an experience that one shouldn’t try and go at alone. 

Always remember, “All things are possible with the right guidance and supports in place. Stop talking yourself out of your dreams.” 

Being a mom is NOT a disability. 

Your life isn’t over and your dreams aren’t out of reach. You will have to work a little differently in order to accomplish your goals but believe me….it’s possible.

I’m a walking testament! 

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